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FAQ: Thursday edition

Our Consignor-designated 50% off items make great deals even sweeter. The sale starts early for our Consignors and Volunteers (5:00 p.m. tonight) and is available to everyone all day tomorrow (10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.). Thursday’s early shoppers can get in line at 4:30 p.m. to begin shopping for discounted items at 5:00 p.m. So, how can you tell which one of items will be discounted at 50% off? Simple: items NOT designated for the sale will say “No Discount” on the tag. Anything else is half off! Look at the examples below for further clarification:

Welcome New, Expecting, Adopting, and Foster Moms!

Expecting Moms

How to Check Your Consignor Earnings

Consignors (especially first timers) did you know you can check your sale record? Every night after the sale closes, we upload the sold items. Most Consignors enjoy the daily peek into what cash they’ll have in their pocket on Saturday! To check your sale’s record, start at our website. You can find the menu at the bottom of any and every page. It’s the same place you selected to enter your items when tagging: After logging in, select “My Homepage”.

Drop Off Starts Today!

Drop Off starts today for our Spring 2019 Sale! We are so excited to see all our Consignors again (or for the first time). Before you drop off your items (Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday for Restocking Consignors), it is helpful to review our procedures. Our recent changes continue. Below are some things we want to highlight, but please visit our Drop Off page for more details.

FAQ Friday: Low Prices

Consignors set their own prices at Boutique For A Week. Consistently, these prices are low, sometimes even shockingly low. Why would someone ask just $3 for a Boppy and cover, only 20 percent the retail price for a outdoor play set, or $15 for a $60 baby rocker? After years of discussions with Consignors about their strategies, here are some of the most common reasons given:

Tips On Preparing Your Shopping List

Sale week starts soon! Now is the perfect time to make your shopping list. Monday we posted some ideas to consider when shopping ahead at the sale. Here are some additional things to contemplate as you make your list:

Shopping Ahead At Boutique For A Week

Making a plan to efficiently shop at Boutique For A Week ensures you are “set” until the next sale date. “Set” for most shoppers includes buying clothing and shoes for the next season, acquiring baby necessities and equipment, and finding new toys because, well, toys are fun. But have you considered other ways you might shop ahead at our sale? Now is the perfect time to start a list in your phone or on the fridge. Take a look at your calendar between the spring and fall sales and think through all the holidays, birthdays, and special events you have coming up. (Note to Consignors: consider the following list as well! There is still time to enter tags.) Ask yourself these questions.

The BEST Deals

Our sale offers great deals from Consignors who are motivated to sell. Today we want to focus on what merchandise typically provides the biggest discount. You’re going to find low prices in every area of our sale from clothing to books, but there are a few areas where the money you save can be substantial. Here are some of the highlights.

You Don't Have To Be A Mom To Shop

Amy from Gabriel’s Good Tidings joins us again to encourage any woman, mom or not, to shop Boutique For A Week this sale! Today’s topic is one that will challenge you to think outside the box. I know we all have friends that are not moms, for a variety of reasons. As you’re preparing to shop Boutique For A Week, why not bring a friend along? Here’s a list of ten reasons why you should shop Boutique For A Week sale even if you’re not a mom.

FAQ Friday: Volunteer Expectations

First of all, thank you for volunteering! Whether this your first or tenth volunteer shift, we really appreciate you giving us your time. Our sale cannot function without your help! We expect a lot out of our Volunteers and are rarely disappointed! As a Volunteer, we want you to take initiative. If you see a Shopper in need of a new basket or an area of toys that is messy, we want you to be ready to fix those problems without being told. We expect our Volunteers to be glad to be working their shifts and to share that happy attitude with our Shoppers! You need to be willing to help in customer service type ways like passing out shopping baskets, carrying large items to the holding area, and helping bring purchases out to cars. You need to be prepared for some physical activity. At minimum, you will likely be on your feet the whole of your shift. If you signed up to volunteer during Drop Off or Sort, be ready for even more manual labor and the possibility of some lifting. If you’re uncertain what is going on at the time you signed up for, check your email registration or our event calendar. Please let us know if you have any physical limitations that might affect your abilities (like pregnancy) so we can be prepared. We also expect a certain level of professionalism from our Volunteers: arriving on time, not shopping during your shift, not using your phone, and working your shift for the length of time scheduled. This also means your children are in the care of someone else and you have taken care of your own meal needs. If you have any questions about volunteering, don’t hesitate to ask us or review the extensive information on our website (start here).