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How To Organize Clothes to Simplify Tagging

While Boutique For A Week provides a great opportunity to earn money back for your kids’ outgrown clothing, a big pile of clothes to sell can seem overwhelming to tag. If you aren’t careful, clothes can take an unnecessarily long time.

Multiple Kids and Consignment Decisions

What I'm Doing Differently This Sale

Boutique For A Week loves and appreciates our Consignors! We want to take time this sale to provide ideas on how you can improve your experience. In today’s post, a past (and present) Consignor shares her plans on how to get a head start on tagging for our Spring Sale. As any Consignor knows, most of the work of consigning happens before our sale even starts. We hope this helps you in your preparations!

Is It Worth It To Consign?

Registration is open for our Spring Sale!

Pick Up Procedure: Holiday Edition

Because our Holiday Sale hours include shopping the same day as Pick Up, the time available to sort is affected. Please review our altered Pick Up procedure carefully so you know what to expect.

Our Holiday Sale Ends Today!

We hope you will join us for the last shopping hours of our sale today! We’re open from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

You Don't Have to Be a Mom to Shop

Amy from Gabriel’s Good Tidings joins us again to encourage any woman, mom or not, to shop Boutique For A Week this sale!

The Holiday Sale Opens Today!

How To Check Consignor Earnings

Consignors, especially first timers, did you know you can check your sale record? Every night after the sale closes, we upload the sold items. Most Consignors enjoy the daily peek into what cash they’ll have in their pocket on Saturday!