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Welcome 2012

Boutique For A Week is honored to have won the distinction of the BEST SALE IN THE ORLANDO/CENTRAL FLORIDA AREA FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW! Thank you to all who voted for us, we are grateful to be serving you and our community.

Boutique For A Week - It's Almost Here!

I don’t know about your house, but my house looks like Boutique For A Week is going to take place at my house. Clothes and toys that are tagged in one bin, clothes and toys yet to be tagged in another. Check-out computers on my kitchen table as we (I should say, my husband) makes sure they are all set. Bags are packed too. Since the sale is in Casselberry and I live in Winter Garden, the girls and I will be staying at a friends house for the week. There is a lot of coordination for the fastest week of my life. It’s funny how that happens, right? You plan for months for a vacation and then before you know it you’ve had a great week away and are on your way home. Sale week for my partners and me (my mom and sister) goes very much the same; we start working on a sale about 3 months prior and then before we know it sale week arrives and the days just fly by. Time flies when you’re having fun right.

Three Ways to Win Boutique Bucks

This weekend marks just two weeks until the next Boutique For A Week baby and kids consignment sale. With time passing by so quickly, we are offering Boutique Bucks gift cards for your weekend achievements. You have three ways to win!

Consignor Makes $1000+

Boutique For A Week recently looked through our records and realized that we have several consignors who seem to have gotten ‘into a groove’ and figured out how to best use the Sale as a way to earn a lot of extra money. This is an interview we did about one of those amazing, ingenious, everyday moms! This mom made over $1,000 on our Spring, 2011 sale. Let’s hear what she has to say about how she did it.

Total Health Guidance Giveaway

Total Health Guidance

Make Extra Cash for the Holidays

I love Boutique For A Week’s kids consignment sale. It is an opportunity for me to make some much needed cash for the holidays. A lot of times, the money I make from the Boutique sale, I use for Thanksgiving holiday ‘extras’ and Christmas gifts. I can usually make about $500-$700 at each sale! How you say? I’m so glad you asked.

Top Benefits of Consigning

The thought of going through all the items that I could consign at the next kid’s consignment sale is daunting, to say the least. However, I have found that this little exercise in staying on top of stuff around the house, and not allowing clutter to grow, is a great incentive for me to take time out of my busy schedule and earn some much needed cash.

The Benefits of Volunteering

It is like all things in life, you get out of it what you put into it … or so the saying goes. I’ve found that giving to others offers so much more in return than what I give. Sometimes, like volunteering for a local kid’s and babies consignment sale, I get so much more in return when I volunteer.

5 ways to stay organized for a Kids Consignment Sale

It seems that our children are growing out of clothes, toys, books, DVD’s at an alarming rate. It can be a very daunting task trying to figure out what to hang on to and what to sell at a kid’s Consignment Sale. In the past few sales, it has been a temptation to wait until the week before to tag and price all my items. Unfortunately, when I wait until the last week I realize there are lots of things I could have consigned that never make it to the sale, and I’m left trying to figure out if they’ll be appropriate for the next sale.A little planning ahead can not only earn you extra cash, but can save your peace of mind as well. Here are my Top 5 ways to make sure I stay organized and on top of the clutter that will become cash at the next sale: 1. Have a day on your monthly calendar, mine is the 5th, that you declutter your closets and kids toys, DVD’s and books. If they’re not wearing it, playing with it, watching it or reading it, it goes in the bin! 2. Have a “Sale” bin to store things as you come across them. 3. As your kids outgrow things, wash them and hang them on a hanger in a separate closet or area that is for your Sale items. 4. Get your items to sell in one place – hangers, zip ties, safety pins, pricing gun, plastic tubs for non clothing items, etc . Kids Consignment Sale Supplies 5. Once the bin or closet starts to get full – take some time to enter the items into your tagging system – software provided on your Sale’s website. I usually do not have time to enter the items, print the tags and attach the tags all at one time so I usually do one step at a time.

The Maiden Voyage

I suppose one could argue that it is a bit ostentatious to consider the beginning of a blog as a ‘maiden voyage’. However, when we look at history we can see that there are many types of launches that begin with grand and glorious intentions, in fact, every one of the ‘maiden voyages’ that we read of in history have grand ideas of how their idea and business will change the world as we know it. I do not share the same delusion as those who have gone before us thinking that their maiden voyage would change the course of history. I am content thinking that our maiden voyage into the blogging world, will change OUR history. Boutique For A Week is a baby and kid’s consignment sale. The sales are just one week long and only twice a year. We actually tried having a year where we had 3 sales and that was a very busy year, along with a lot of lessons learned, and my partners mad at me. But, we’re way past that! Kid’s consignment sales are great opportunities to explore a whole new way of thinking … that new may not always be better, quality does matter, you get what you pay for, why am I just now learning about Boutique For A Week … you may find yourself as you shop a baby and kids consignment sale asking yourself these questions any many more. One thing is for sure, the opportunities are endless to shop for your family’s needs for baby items, baby equipment, kid’s clothes and toys for a ridiculously low cost. Our consignors are great as they price their items competitively. So, come along with us, on this grand adventure and stay in touch! We want to hear from you about what you’d like to learn more about and all that matters to moms, babies and kids! God Bless!